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Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine is strongly considering signing an Association Agreement with the EU, moving it toward Europe and away from Russia. I thought in the latest election that Ukraine elected a more Russia friendly government, but I guess I was mistaken…

Per this story, this is not just a sign of failure in Russian foreign policy, but the Russian national story begins in Kiev, with the Kievan Rus, and having the center of your national story move away from you in a Geopolitical sense has to sting.

I wonder if there’s any thought to Russia somehow doing to Ukraine what it did to Georgia? I don’t know of any separatist movements in Ukraine, so as far as I know, that’s a pretty far-fetched idea.

edit: Just checked Wikipedia, and while Ukraine does have separatists movements, and well:

The Ukrainian nationalist Svoboda Party responded by releasing the following statement: “Zakarpattian separatists led by Moscow Patriarchatepriest Sidor are issuing an ultimatum to the Ukrainian authorities today. Tomorrow, armed with Russian passports and money from the Kremlin, they will implement the ‘Georgian scenario’ in Ukraine.”

So, not a far-fetched idea.

Edit 2:

And, maybe the Association Agreement isn’t happening?